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William “Bill” Gianino founded the Gianino’s family of restaurants that started in Oakville with Bill Gianino’s and Frankie G’s, which are next to each other in Chestnut Park Plaza.  As his two sons grew, they partnered & expanded together, adding a number of other locations including Frankie Gianino’s Grill & Bar in Imperial fifteen years ago.  Bill, Tony, and family friend, Joey Barczewski partnered to add three Joey B’s in Concord Plaza, The Hill and Manchester & he and his son, Billy began Billy G’s in Kirkwood.  Even though Bill passed away, the restaurant group lives on, and continues to be run by his sons, Tony and Billy Gianino and Joey Barczewski.  Since all 7 restaurants have catered hundreds events both off and on site for the last 48 years, it only seemed natural to come together to create Gianino Family Catering.

Bill Gianino

The “Frankie” of Frankie G’s was Gianino’s father Frank, who owned a pizzeria, Valencia’s on Delmar, and taught his son how to cook. The younger Gianino grew up working in his father’s restaurant, and he never left the restaurant industry after serving in the U.S. Army, mentoring generations of employees, along with his sons and other family members.

Gianino’s nearly 50-year restaurant career spanned the ups and downs of the industry in St. Louis County in the past few decades, including a smoking ban and competition for workers from newly opened casinos.

Gianino started the self-named flagship restaurant Bill Gianino’s in Oakville in 1975, after running a chain of carryout pizzerias, Gianino’s Pizza Den, for four years. Gianino grew up on The Hill but moved to South County after he married his wife, Kathy.  This Catering Company is a culmination of everything our family has learned serving our community for the last 48 years.  We have always done catering jobs out of our various restaurants but it made sense to come together and create one united Catering Company.

Let’s Work Together

4583 Chestnut Park Plaza

Tel: 314-845-1676

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